Solar Electric Systems for Residential – Save in Energy Costs

Convert your homeover to a solar electricity generation system. Select solar installation for grid-tie, off grid and battery backup. After switching to residential solar energy systems, watch utility savings grow year over year.

Fun Solar Energy Fact Did you know that solar power is now 15% of the total US electricity generation? And it is still growing!

Take advantage of up to 30% in Federal Rebates.        Schedule Free Consultations  

Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power System Design

When we design a solar power system for homes use, we consider exposure to sun, roof types and exposure to sun as well as many other factors. The most common residential solar solution is a roof system but sometimes another system is needed. Custom solar designs take into account your home, electricity and solar needs.

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Solar Panel Installation for a Home – We are Local

As a local solar panel installer, Solar Solutions is near you for new systems and repairs. Electricians get your house hooked up for both off grid and grid-tie.


How Much does it Cost to Install Solar Panels?

Whole house solar panel systems quotes start with your address. From that we can draw up a free quote. Select from residential solar panel roof systems, powerwalls, ground mount or pole mount. For most customers, the solar panel setup is best installed on the roof.

Grid-Tie, Off Grid Solar Systems or Battery Backup

Leverage off grid solar systems for home or business and gain energy independence. Benefits include avoiding inflated grid connection charges, avoiding ever increasing diesel generation costs and being independent of outside energy supplies. Tie back into the system with grid-tie solar solutions.

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After Your Installation

When you’re ready to generate even more power, we have you covered. We’re able to add additional panels to meet your power needs. Additional panels may require upgrades to your inverter, battery bank, and main bus. We handle all of these upgrades quickly and efficiently.

In the event that you need a new roof installed, we’ll temporarily remove your array and reinstall it, to make things convenient for you and your roofers. With regular cleanings and maintenance from our professionals, you won’t have to worry about your system breaking down on you. In order to monitor your business solar system’s maintenance needs, we’ll provide an app to check both the maintenance status of your system and to see how much energy you are generating and consuming.